Hello everyone!

I am B! Before I can really get in to the nitty gritty of this blog, you all need a bit of history.

My parents and sister moved to central Florida in 1988. My dad accepted a position as a chef educator for the program. My mom found a job as a banquet server in the resorts. I was also born in 1988. From the moment I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by Disney. I had free reign in Magic Kingdom as a toddler. Much of my school clothes came from Property Control. I went backstage with my parents when they needed to pick up their pay checks or drop off costumes. When Disney decided to remodel the Polynesian, our dining room chairs had a remarkable resemblance to the bamboo restaurant chairs. My dad was on the ground floor of opening Disney’s MGM studios. Rumor has it he was in charge of shrimp cocktail and had to devein pallet loads of frozen shrimp. To say the least, Disney shaped my childhood.

Then, tragedy struck. My brother was born. Ok, so it wasn’t that bad, but we did move a few years later. My Disney bubble had popped. I spent the next 10 years in north Florida. My pre-teen and teen years were surrounded by people who couldn’t talk Disney facts with me, who weren’t excited about the next Disney movie and *gasp* had never been to Disney World! By the time I graduated high school, I knew I needed to go back. I applied for the Disney College Program in my first semester of college and got accepted! Back to Disney I went! I was placed in Front Entrance Operations at EPCOT. I worked the night shift, so I listened to IllumiNations every night, singing along with Jim Cummings. I welcomed many Princesses and Pirates to the park every day. I made friends with other Disney fans, friends who I continue to keep in touch with. I was finally back in my element. When my College Program ended, I had to decide what to do. Do I stay down there and become a full time cast member? Do I come home and go back to my degree? It was a tough choice but I came back home and completed my degree in Education.

College Program
Gotta Love Timehop! My College Program Roommate took this picture 9 years ago! She also added the Cinderella quote. Aren’t those costumes perfect??

Fast forward another 10 years, and we are here. I am now starting my blog. This blog is a place for me to tell my story, give my opinions and educate others of the Happiest Place on Earth. But, honestly, I need this blog to let out all my Disney energy (I think my friends are getting annoyed!) I hope that what I put on here will help others see that Disney is not just a theme park. That it’s not just a tourist trap. Disney is a mindset, it is emotions. Disney is life.

People Movers

See ya real soon!


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