Hopping 4 Parks in 1 Weekend

It is one week until I make my way back to Disney World with my Princess in Crime, L. We have our hotel booked, transportation set and now to plan our weekend! We will have two full days, Saturday and Sunday, and Monday morning before hitting the road. Here is the Plan!

L&B 2
B being the best Bridesmaid ever for L at Disney – circa 2011

First Day – EPCOT and Animal Kingdom

We are starting our day with EPCOT so that we can “skip” breakfast and lunch. The Flower and Garden Festival is going on this time of year and we are taking full advantage. Our focus will be on the festival, checking out the good eats and tasty drinks. Of course, we will stop for Soarin’ and Test Track, but ultimately we are going to EPCOT for the food!

Late Afternoon, we will grab the bus and make our way to Animal Kingdom. The bus ride is a great time to take a load off, cool down and refresh in the middle of the day. It is going to be HOT so we will be prepared (check out post “Keepin’ Cool At Disney). Once at Animal Kingdom, our focus is the new nighttime shows! L and I are so excited to see the Tree of Light illuminate in the night sky! We will be sure to scope out the best spot to watch Rivers of Light, so we plan to hunker down well before starting time.

Second Day – Magic Kingdom

The original reason L and I are at Disney next weekend is to watch Wishes. One. Last. Time. We are so sad to see it go; the show holds so many memories from our College Program experience! So we are going to get there for Rope Drop and spend an entire day soaking in all the Magic Kingdom magic. We will probably skip a lot of rides this time around and make sure we catch the Castle shows, parades and of course Wishes. I am so excited to be bringing my new Cannon on the trip with me, I have never had more than an iPhone camera with me in the park. I can wait to take my time, look for all the gems hidden around the park and reveal in the beauty of the park through my lens.

Third Day (half day) – Hollywood Studios

L’s favorite park is Hollywood Studios, but we are both not excited with all the construction right now. But, we still want to make sure we get our Star Wars fix in. So we will get there early, grab a quick breakfast and then hit the attractions. We have to be out of the park by 11am to get to the airport in time, so it will be tight, but we will make it!

Toy Story Mania
We will not be riding Toy Story if this is the wait time. We have not picked Fast Passes for this trip! 

Do you have any “must-have” stops that I need to check out?? Comment below!

See ya real soon!


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