Off Disney Property Hotels

Hello Disney Travelers!

I know what you are thinking! Why is B writing about staying OFF Disney property?!

I can go on and on about the benefits of staying in a Disney Resort, and I will at a later time. But tonight, I want to focus on the great things about the hotels not associated with Disney World.

I am traveling to Disney is exactly 2 weeks with my best Disney friend and former College Program roommate, known as L. We were struggling with finding a Disney Resort in our price range on such short notice. Even with my Florida Resident Discount and because we are traveling at a high traffic time of year, the Resorts were just out of our price range. L and I decided that choosing a hotel off site would be the only way for us to afford out trip.

We went with staying at Wyndham Garden Lake at Disney Springs (no affiliation) and here are our reasons why:

LOCATION! If we can’t stay on Disney property, we will stay as close as we can! This hotel, and all the other ones in the Disney Springs area, are within 10 minutes of Disney Springs. There are pathways that guests can walk to Disney Springs as well as a hotel managed shuttle system.

Disney Springs
Carousel at Disney Springs 

Speaking of shuttles, non Disney resorts usually have shuttles to every park. Our particular hotel has a shuttle that will take us to each park; it runs on a 30 minutes schedule. Our shuttle is a shared shuttle, so there will be multiple stops to other hotels. L and I are extremely happy that we will have a shuttle, no one likes parking in the jumbo lots just to have our car bake in the sun all day! We just have to remember our shuttle pick up spot as it will not be in the same place with all of the Disney buses.

If L and I were able to snag an affordable Disney Resort, it would have been a Value Resort. As much as I really don’t mind the Value Resorts, I recognize the level of luxury is very low at these resorts. Staying off property lets you choose your level of comfort with more flexibility. Our room at the Wyndham is comparable to any of the All Star Resorts; it has two beds, bathroom with separate shower area, TV, mini fridge…you get it. Had we wanted more bang for our buck, we could have booked a fancier hotel and stilled saved money as Disney’s Deluxe Resorts charge well in to the $500’s per night. The big difference with staying off property – the PRICE!

When looking for our last minute hotel, Disney was charging for Value Resorts in the upper $200 range. We got our off property room for a low $100 range. This sealed the deal for us! To save over $100 day on our room is a deal you cannot beat! And to top it all off, we still get all the other perks of staying on property without actually staying there…well almost, we wont have access to Extra Magic Hours (that disappointment is for another post).

I have not stayed at this property before. I am excited to get there and scope it out. I will be sure to take pictures and report back on how successful our Off Property Visit really was! Stay Tuned!


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