Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Last week I wrote about the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Today, I want to let you know about my other favorite slow ride, Spaceship Earth! Here are my reasons for why Spaceship Earth is another great ride at Disney

  1. Continuous queue – I am a fan of moving ques. Spaceship Earth’s line is outdoors, but it is mostly in the shade, which is awesome. It is usually a short wait, even on busy days. This is a ride you don’t want to use a fast pass selection for as the wait us regularly under 20 minutes.
  2. Time Travel – Spaceship Earth takes you on a ride through the human evolution with technology. Which, as the history teacher, I love! You will be able to pick out key moments in time that changed the shape of our history.
  3. Script – The rarely modified script is a true treasure. Spaceship Earth is one of the rides I have memories of as a little girl and having the unchanged script keeps those memories authentic. Although the narrators have changed and introductions have been rewritten, most of the cheesy jokes are still included. I really enjoy going through and being able to talk along! If you are able to read this, thank the Phoenicians!
  4. Technological Ending – If you have been on the ride at any point since the upgrade in 2007 then you will know that there were added interactions in the cars. Being able to create your own future, with your actual picture, brings an added element to this ride, which is really unique!
  5. Iconic design – Spaceship Earth is a pentads dodecahedron, with 60 triangles divided into 16 smaller triangles. This perfect sphere is an icon around the world. I highly doubt Disney will ever dismantle the EPCOT Ball!


What is your favorite time period in technological history? Drop a comment below!

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