CHINA – Day 3 of EPCOT’s World Showcase Series!

The China Pavilion has a bit of yin and yang going on with it. When you walk in to the pavilion, through the beautiful three tired archway modeled after the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the space is split in two. The left side is more commercial; with gifts shops and restaurants where as the right side is more traditional.

Inside the pavilion, you’ll find one of many full circle movies throughout the World Showcase, Reflections of China. While there is no seating in the theater, there are railings to lean against so that you can get the full effect of being encompassed by China. The movie highlights China’s beautiful scenery, showing scenes from all over the country. There is a peek in the Forbidden City and other monuments such as the Great Wall. After you finish the movie, make your way to the replica of the Terracotta Army. Read all about its discovery in this museum exhibit.

My favorite part of the China Pavilion is the Dragon Legend Acrobats. This group performs throughout the day in the front of the pavilion. There is always a big crowd, so if you see people gathering then stick around to watch! Sometimes, they even have the children perform, which in my opinion, is fantastic!

China has an impressive gift shop. The Yong Feng Shandian shop is probably one of the largest shops around the lagoon. The merchandise ranges from teapots and jade carvings to silk clothing and stuffed pandas. There is an open air market attached to the back of the shop; there you can find books on meditation, the Chinese language and toys.

The China Pavilion offers three dining options. The Nine Dragons is a full service restaurant which usually has walk up availability. This can be good news or bad news. Good news being you do not need a reservation unlike other spots around the lagoon; bad news is it’s not a high priority eating destination unlike other spots around the lagoon (if you catch my drift). Secondly, one of the quick service spots is called The Lotus Blossom Café which offers chicken and curries. It is not a bad place to stop, but again I think there are better choices in different countries. And lastly, the Joy of Tea is another quick service location with, you guessed it, TEA!

If you are looking for a quiet spot to get away, walk towards the right side of the China pavilion. The bamboo gardens and beautiful waterfalls with footbridges designate a space of peace and tranquility. Make sure you stop and admire the intricate carvings while walking through the garden.

Fun Fact – you can catch the globe for Illuminations gliding out to the middle of the lagoon around noon at the drawbridge between China and Germany!

I like stopping here throughout my walk around the lagoon. I think the details here are gorgeous and usually overlooked. Make a point to take a look around and enjoy the beauty!


Next stop! Germany!


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