Sunday Funday!

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I present to you, my favorite reasons to take a ride of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority aka The People Mover

  • Continuous queue – although the line may seem long because the queue is pretty much an escalator, the wait is minuscule compared to other rides.
  • You can go backwards – Yep, ride the People Mover facing forward or backwards, it doesn’t matter!
  • Multi-speed – While on the People Mover, you whiz above Tomorrowland with the wind in your hair! But, you slooooow down when your car gets a backstage look at Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  • Photo Ops – The Tomorrowland Transit Authority provides great views of the Castle, make sure you snap a picture before your car zips inside Space Mountain
  • History Lesson – Your car goes through another area that shows a model of what EPCOT was originally planned for – Progress City – Walt Disney’s dream for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
  • Relaxation – 10 minutes of sitting + partial darkness and air conditioning = rejuvenation!

People Movers

Let me know what you enjoy most about the Tomorrowland Transit Authority! Follow me on Insta @parkhoppingwithb


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