Beauty and The Beast Review

Have you seen Beauty and The Beast?


Last Sunday, I went with a good friend of mine to see it on opening weekend and, lets be honest, I was hesitant. The animated version is special to me; many childhood memories are based around all the early to mid 90’s Disney Princesses. My expectations were extremely high for the live-action version. But, I was not going to miss my chance to see the remake! I thoroughly enjoyed myself singing and dancing in my seat, feeling the terror and sadness, and of course, rejoicing in the breaking of the spell!


Here are my thoughts on many aspects of the movie:

True to the story? YES – They added some back story, which was nice I suppose

Music? Beautiful – I felt like I was in a sing-a-long theater, everyone was whispering along with the classics!

Costuming? On Point! I love French mid- 1700’s culture and seeing the costuming brought to life was gorgeous

Dialog? Kept the classic lines – I was worried they would keep the music but change the dialog, but listen closely and you’ll hear many of the same iconic spoken words

Characters? Personalities were perfect – Ms. Pots and Chip were just as adorable as I remembered, Lumiere and Cogsworth have the best friendship. leFou stole the show!

Beauty and the Beast 2

Emma Watson? Perfect Belle! – strong and sophisticated, I love that Emma is a real life Belle


Favorite Dress? I actually preferred the white dress with the beautiful embroidered flowers over the yellow ballgown.

Belle’s bodice was hand embroidered by astisan brother Kasam and Juma in Bhuk, Western India. They used a technique called “Aari work” which is a very fine chain stitch traditional to the Kutch area of Gujarat. This style lent itself very nicely to this eighteenth century French floral design.  Costume designed by Jacqueline Durran, photo credit: Simon Marks @dyptsimonmarks #beautyandthebeast #costume #whomademyclothes #disney#artisan #bhuj

Sinead O’Sullivan, the assistant costume designer took to Instagram to post a picture of the embroidered bodice 


Favorite Scene? The Tavern – the dancing and energy reminded me of if everyone broke out in song at the local pub down the road, which is what I hope will happen in real life!

Favorite Song? Be Our Guest – This was a contender for favorite scene as well, except it was a bit dizzying with the razzle dazzle camera effects


Overall, the experience of watching this movie was the best part. I shared the theater with little girls dressed in Belle’s gold ballgown and parents reliving their memories. I had the greatest pleasure sitting next to a young girl and while I had my own excitements, I got to enjoy her laughter, sympathize with her sadness and excite with her hopefulness. To me, that is what made this movie so great. It truly is a tale as old as time!





Looking for some fun? Watch this Buzzfeed video!

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