World Showcase Series – Norway

Day 2 of EPCOT’s World Showcase Series!

Today let’s talk about Norway. Now that Frozen Ever After is open and in full swing, the Norway pavilion has gained a lot of new fans.  And due to this popularity, the pavilion has a hustle and bustle unlike any other. Within the pavilion there is the boat ride, character meet and great, a gallery, character dining, quick service and shopping. There is much to do in this small space. Let’s check it out!

The architecture of the pavilion is taken right out of 13th century Oslo. The coble stone streets make up the courtyeard for the pavilion. The buildings are modeled after medieval craftsmanship. Be sure to take a moment at look at the details. The lace curtains in the window, the wooden shingles on the roof tops are perfectly done, just like in the storybooks.

While I am not a huge fan of the “Frozen” takeover of the pavilion, some people really enjoy it! The Frozen Ever After boat ride, the meet and greet with Anna and Elsa at the Royal Sommerhus and the Wandering Reindeer we brought in to the pavilion and have been a hit ever since. If you are a fan and want to make sure you don’t miss these attractions, be sure to carve out your morning hours plus a Fast Pass reservation or else you’ll be waiting all day!

But Norway has more low key and beautiful options other than Anna and Elsa!

The two dining options are Akershus and Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. Akershus is the princess dining experience. Open for all meals, you’ll see girls dressed as their favorite princess lined up with their families waiting to be seated. Inside, you’ll most likely meet Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle and Ariel. Lunch and dinner highlight buffet style Norwegian seafood, cured meats and cheeses. But don’t worry; the kids menu has the standard pizza and pasta for the picky eaters in your family! Kringla Bakeri of Kafe offers quick savory sandwiches and delicious pastries. This stop is a must on my list; the sweet pretzels, cream filled horns and the infamous “school bread” are all great options to try!

Shopping at Norway is always a fun adventure. The Puffin’s Roost is the main store, broken up throughout different rooms. Although the weather in Florida doesn’t bode well for wool sweaters, this shop offers a wide variety of winter garb, Norway-themed home goods and snacks, as well as books about trolls, Viking,s and Hans Christian Anderson tales. The best park of the Puffin’s Roost is the giant troll in the middle of the shop! Be sure to take a picture! The Wandering Reindeer will meet your needs for all “Frozen” merchandise.

Picture taken during a family vacation circa 2007

The Stave Church Gallery within the pavilion is located in the replica of the Gol Stavkirke, or stave church. The original was built around 1212 A.D. in Hallingdal, Norway and was saved from demolition and now lives in the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, located in Oslo. Inside the Stave Church Gallery the exhibits showcase artifacts, traditional clothing, instruments and folk art from Norwegian history and culture. This gallery is easily overseen but it is not to be missed.

What do you enjoy about the Norway Pavilion? Comment below!

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