World Showcase Series – MEXICO

Today is the day! I am starting my EPCOT’s World Showcase Series! This series of posts will include a profile of each country around the World Showcase Lagoon. To start off, we will travel clockwise around the Lagoon. When you enter the World Showcase, you have the option of walking to the left and start with Mexico or walking to the right to Canada. There is also an entrance near United Kingdom and France but that is for another post. The series will highlight dining, attractions and shopping. I may even throw in my own two cents every now and then! These counties have so many hidden secrets that are overlooked by the average guest. But these secrets are what make the World Showcase so unique!

Pro Tip #1 – Visit the Mexico Pavilion with an empty stomach!

Before you even make it to the pavilion, you will encounter the quick service dining option of La Cantina de San Angel. This little booth offered tacos, churros and margaritas along with other snacks. This is a nice stop if you do not plan to stay and explore.

The Mexico pavilion is a unique one. There is one main building, designed as a large Mexican pyramid with steps leading up the entrance. Once inside, you are taken to an open air market at twilight. The hustle and bustle of the market surrounds you. There are vendors selling hats, blankets and other Mexican goods. Disney Imagineers really hit this theme out of the park. The ceiling of the pyramid is painted the perfect blue; the color of the sky right after the sun goes down. The flooring is a beautiful cobblestone. The vendors sell their goods from push carts. Lights are strung from cart to cart. Even the temperature of the building is cool enough to make you feel as though the sun is setting.

The San Angel Inn Restaurant offers a beautiful view of the erupting volcano in the background. Tables are set in patio style seating, with little lanterns for light. The restaurant offers traditional Mexican fare with little American influence. Across the way is La Cava de Tequila. A full service bar that highlights tequilas and specialty margaritas, this little hideaway has picked up a cult following over the years and now is a destination for tequila connoisseurs and amateurs alike. This little stop is a big hit with my family, we’ve been known to stand in line for over an hour during the Food and Wine Festival to order the Blood Orange Margarita!

Also inside the Mexico pavilion is one of the two boat attractions in the World Showcase. The Grand Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros is a smooth boat ride featuring Donald Duck, Jose Carioca and Panchito from Disney’s 1944 animated film “The Three Caballeros”. Donald Duck goes missing on his way to watch the Three Caballeros and his friends search to find him. Partnered with beautiful scenes of Mexican heritage sites and authentic Mexican music, this ride is a perfect for a small dose of Mexican culture.

Outside the pyramid, there are two other dining options. La Hacienda de San Angel is the outdoor restaurant that has a beautiful view of the World Showcase Lagoon.  This restaurant has more seating available is a more casual dining experience than The San Angel Inn. If you are looking for a resturant with a view of IllumiNations, grab a seat here! Window tables fill up fast, so claim your table at least 45 minutes before the nighttime show.

Mexico is a great start to your journey around the Lagoon! It is a popular spot; the food is delicious and the atmosphere is gorgeous. This pavilion can be crowded throughout the day, everyone loves stopping for a margarita! I suggest grabbing a quick snack and continuing on to Norway.


Next stop NORWAY!

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