Sunday Fun Day

Sunday Fun Day is here! Every Sunday I focus on a small part of Disney World. The parks are huge! It is overwhelming to try to learn it all. There are so many fun and exciting details that are missed every day because people are focused on the big attractions. So for this Sunday Fun Day, I want to highlight the details of each Parks’ Rope Drop. The Rope Drop is the unofficial opening to the Park. It is a great way to kick off any trip. Disney magic comes alive bright and early in the morning.

  1. Disney’s Hollywood Studios –  The Rope Drop that happens in this park is quite nice. You can walk up to your attraction of choice and wait for the queue to open at park official opening time. This “walk up” feature is unlike any other park. Hollywood Boulevard is open to shoppers and the Trolly Cart Café is ready for business about 30 minutes before Rope Drop. The actually dropping of the rope occurs at each attraction. If you are visiting during a Star Wars Weekend you may be greet by Storm Troopers and a very intimidating Boba Fett at the turnstiles.
  2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Every time I’ve been to Rope Drop at Animal Kingdom I have appreciated the quietness of the park. Again, you can get in to the Park almost 30 minutes before official opening. Occasionally can meet Rafiki or Timon and Pumba in front of the entrance, stop for a picture and an autograph! Once inside, take this time to wander around and check out all the animal enclosures. That park is not loud, the animals are active so really stop and pause before the craziness of the day begins. Then, make your way to the Tree of Life and wait for the Rope Drop in to the other area of the Park.
  3. EPCOT – There are two Rope Drop moments at EPCOT. The first happens about 15 minutes before the park opens at the Innovations Pavilions (behind Spaceship Earth). The JAMMitors will be out playing music and entertaining guests until opening time. Cast members will then escort guest to the Land Pavilion and other attractions to help with flow of traffic; the high demand rides of Sorin’ and Test Track mean people are in a rush to get there first. The second Rope Drop happens at 11am in the World Show Case. These ropes are located between Norway and China and between United Kingdom and France. This means, you can explore Mexico, Norway, Canada and United Kingdom before the World Show Case opens! The World Showcase Rope Drop is much more subtle. Most people don’t even realize it opens at a different time because they are focused on their Fast Pass reservations.

    Empty walkways at the Flower and Garden Festival
  4. Magic Kingdom – The flagship park will, obviously, have the most spectacular Rope Drop. For many years Magic Kingdom has an Opening Show in front of the turnstiles at the Main Street Train Station. Classic characters will arrive on the train, sing and dance to welcome everyone in the park and then leave. In January 2017, the show was moved to the Castle. Because of this move, now guests can explore Main Street and all the fun fairs, for almost 45 minutes before the show begins at opening. Take the time to listen to the Dapper Dans or watch the Flag Retreat in front of the Train Station. Once the ropes are dropped, guests are free to explore all the other lands of the parks!


If you can make it to a Rope Drop, I suggest you should. I know, you’re on vacation and want to sleep in, but be an early riser and check it out! Being in the park before many other people is a magical moment. Everything is still sleepy. There is quietness throughout. Take the time to explore the nooks and crannies, you may just find something you never knew was there!


Stay tuned for the next week! The topic will be announced on Instagram and twitter! Follow me @parkhoppingwithb


See ya real soon!


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